Sunday, September 2, 2012

Men of Principles, Men of Ethics...

Please do, please compare and contrast

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has called AGAIN for legal action to be taken against Tony Blair and George Bush for the murder of Innocent Iraqi lives, and for destabilizing the whole region, by waging an unprecedented war in contemporary history, based on LIES. Here are two "democracies", concocting the most abject lies to utterly ravage a country - Iraq. Not only that, but Desmond Tutu REFUSED to be present at a same gathering where Tony Blair was present and that in 2012

Now this is a man of principles and ethics. Compare him to our "imminent scholar and sheikh", the American "revert" by the name of Hamza Yusuf and who is now the idol of many Muslims. This "sheikh" had zero qualms sharing a platform with Tony Blair for many hours "discussing malaria", a platform funded by Tony Blair "FAITH Foundation" and that, back in  2009, when the Blood of Innocent Muslims was and still is dripping from his hands....

At least we know now one thing for sure - Archbishop Desmond Tutu does not hate Arabs and Muslims like this American Sheikh does.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

American Muslims

I noticed a peculiar trend among the American Muslims on Twitter, they get very offended by the F.word but find absolutely nothing wrong or morally reprehensible with pledging their votes to Mr.Obama Drone.

A latest poll shows that 70% of these o'so polite folks will be voting for a guy who speciality is to deliver drones as an Eid present -- just in case the Ramadan ones were insufficient. Well he did inform them about it, during the White House Iftars (breaking of Fast) where they were guests of "Honor".

Oh well, that's just a detail, as long as one does not use the F.word for that would be most un-Islamic.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I've exhausted all the blogs...I jump from one to another....and the most important is not yet said.
I am to tell you now what is the most important.
The most important for me is Iraq. It has always been so and will remain so.
Not the Iraqis...the Iraqis are only relatively important to me...but IRAQ will always remain priority to me.
No, not patriotism, not even nationalism... Iraq for me has got nothing to do with's something beyond...only a very few will understand and only these very few count.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


You only sacrifice for those you can be a cause, an idea, a person.

I would personally never sacrifice for a person unless they embody a cause, an idea...even then I would probably have a tough time doing so...

I know that sacrifices exist but am getting tired of them. Not because of the sacrifice, but because no one is really worth it. Except maybe a few.

Maybe the sacrificer is a mighty gambler, and betting on the few.

Friday, October 28, 2011

No Smoking...

Smoking is really bad for you, so am told. So is occupation. But no one talks of the latter.
I read article after article of how smoking will kill you but nothing about how occupation kills you.
I have smelled many fake smoking guns in my lifetime, and just the fake secondary smoke killed us. It's called LIES. Lies kill you too.

I am always very impressed (not) when all of you "civilized" people care so much about health. You are so fearful for your little lungs, little heart, little liver and little pancreas. Oh the sacred little life of yours. As if you made a fucking difference.

Save my ass - you cry - imploring WHO and latest medical technology.

Did you ever think of saving someone else's ? Bet your rotten ass most of you haven't.

And as you are tanning that ass of yours in some sun, sex and sea resort, and frowning upon smoking ...let me remind you that -- some never saw the light of day.

Not because of smoking, not because of their own "irresponsible" behavior, but because of YOURS

While you were resting your asses reading articles about how to preserve your health and extend your worthless longevity, a thousand others were dying of your secondary smoke. And it did not come from a cigarette either.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mister the Sheikh.

Tell me mister the Sheikh -- have you ever been down and out ?
tell me mister the Sheikh -- have you really tasted it all ?
Tell me mister the Sheikh, what do you really know about Life ?
Have you ever been a lump of dough in an anonymous baker's hand ? have you ever walked the streets with empty pockets ? have you ever stood on curbs selling yourself ?
Tell me your highness, tell me what do you know, apart from your sermons, apart from your cushioned safe existence, apart from your certitudes...tell me what do you know ?
Tell me what do you know mister the Sheikh, apart from wagging your finger like a dog's tail
Have you bled, have you cried, have you screamed in solitude ?
Shaken not stirred..stirred not shaken
Tell me mister the Sheikh
tell me...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Failed Shepherd

I am not God, thankfully not God. But I can imagine had I been a God or Goddess, had I been an It, I would probably be counting my lost sheep by now...

The shepherd has failed big time...he dispersed the livestock, the herd instead of gathering it together. He substituted the gold calf for the innocent lamb...he led them astray into thorny pastures, pitting them one against the other, one against the self...

Maybe the failed shepherd thought he was doing some good, but maybe he never thought, maybe he never engaged in thinking...

Maybe the shepherd was just a viscerally frightened sheep himself, lacking trust...maybe he was hoping to be taught a lesson from his herd...I don't know, am not God.

All I know is that he led them astray...and it's going to take One Almighty Shepherd to bring them together again.