Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Madame La Comtesse...

She trotted down the stairs, taking on the airs of a forgotten Contessa , a Contessa that no one had heard of before...a Contessa that never made it into any history book, a Contessa born in a God forsaken village, a provincial soul dressed in a copy of an Armani dress with made in Taiwan Gucci shades, driving a Mercedes Benz...

She understands nothing, Madame La Comtesse, her husband as limited as her, does all the learning...but they did buy a Steinbach piano, so the little ones can finally join and play Clair de Lune.

She calls Debussy, Dabboos...but I can assure you, she will eventually get it right. A question of time and $.

What Madame La Comtesse would really like instead, is to smoke the Sheesha, the Narguileh - on a Friday or maybe on a Sunday, to some folk song tune from her village, but the HSBC account forbids that.

You see, she needs to keep up the airs of the provincial Contessa in her too tight to fit Swarovski studded jeans, her made in China stiletto sandals, her fake L'Oréal blonde, her 500$ nose job and her two maids.

Basically she hates Dabboos,(Debussy) but it does look good on her provincial CV and that of her trying hard to be husband....and besides, HSBC approves of it.