Friday, September 2, 2011


Resistance is like Fire.
Resistance is like starts with words...
It says There is no God but Allah...
It turns its face to the East
it starts ploughing...

It first pulls out the bad seeds, the unwanted weed
Resistance is not stupid, it can differentiate...
Resistance comes from Experience
If you don't experience, you can't resist.

Resistance is not about Words
Resistance is about Principles
It's about Human Dignity

The West gambled on you...
it erased Dignity from your vocabulary
Slaves have no dignity

Do you want to become slaves
all over again ?
you long for slavery
being patted on the head
Is that how desperate you have become
for a little approval ?!

Stand tall and proud
You have roots.
I am here to remind you.
They want you to forget
but am here
to remind you.