Friday, October 28, 2011

No Smoking...

Smoking is really bad for you, so am told. So is occupation. But no one talks of the latter.
I read article after article of how smoking will kill you but nothing about how occupation kills you.
I have smelled many fake smoking guns in my lifetime, and just the fake secondary smoke killed us. It's called LIES. Lies kill you too.

I am always very impressed (not) when all of you "civilized" people care so much about health. You are so fearful for your little lungs, little heart, little liver and little pancreas. Oh the sacred little life of yours. As if you made a fucking difference.

Save my ass - you cry - imploring WHO and latest medical technology.

Did you ever think of saving someone else's ? Bet your rotten ass most of you haven't.

And as you are tanning that ass of yours in some sun, sex and sea resort, and frowning upon smoking ...let me remind you that -- some never saw the light of day.

Not because of smoking, not because of their own "irresponsible" behavior, but because of YOURS

While you were resting your asses reading articles about how to preserve your health and extend your worthless longevity, a thousand others were dying of your secondary smoke. And it did not come from a cigarette either.